Privacy Policy

What we do with your data
We use your information for different purposes. hereunder you can see for which purposes.
We use the received data, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

Delivery of your order
For your order we need your name , email address , address(es) , payment details and sometimes your phone number.
This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about.
We also provide your information to others as required for an order, forexample, to delivery services.
Your account
In your account we store the following information: your name, address(es) , phone number, email address, d
elivery and payment information. Provided information and interests ( for example, if we asked you for your date of birth) .
Handy, because you do not have to enter this information each time again.
We also keep a record of your previous orders and reviews that you have placed .
This way you can find it back yourself easily .
You can sign up for our various newsletters.
This way we keep you informed about our offers, promotions and other news

We love reviews, same as our customers love them. If you want to write a review, please choose
yourself if your personal information or your name will be visible to other visitors.
Also you can let us know if we may contact you about your review.
We keep track on who writes reviews and your reviews are also in your account .
No one is waiting for fraud, neither do we. That's why we use customer data to investigate, prevent and counteract fraud.
If needed , we provide customer information to the government.
What we not do not do with your information
We never use your data to show different prices to you than to other customers .
All our customers see the same prices for our products and items .
Your data will never be shared or sold to others by us.
Your details are incorrect or you have other questions ?
Is something wrong or you want to consult your data, please feel free to contact us.
Customer service:
Through the contact form it is simple to ask a question , make a complaint or give a compliment.
Depending on your question orremark we will contact you shortly.
We tried to put all all information in the descriptions. If something is still not clear please let us know .

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